'Plant Displays for hire. Making the workplace a better place to be'

Air quality

Plants breathe in CO2 and exhale oxygen. That means the air that you and they breathe is naturally scrubbed, oxygenating your mind and body. The result? More energy, improved efficiency, and a greater sense of well-being.


Plants release much of the water they receive into the air. That means your environment is less arid. That means you get less thirsty, and function better.


Studies have shown that people who spend lots of time in places where there are indoor plants and flowers are less stressed. It's only natural. Less stress means people feel happier and more at ease. They're also far more productive.


It's true that plants and flowers absorb sound. That means ambient noise is filtered out, creating a more relaxed workspace in which communication is easier.


Both yours and your workplace's. Plants generate their own micro climate. They stimulate your metabolism, and absorb room heat. The result is a more energised, positive workforce in a room that requires less air conditioning.

What we do

  • We supply and maintain interior plant displays for the workplace
  • A large range of plants and planters are available, we also offer a bespoke service and any RAL colour match
  • An on site visit to assess light levels and discuss requirements will be followed up with a competitive quotation
  • The interior plant displays are delivered and placed into position
  • Maintenance begins immediately and then at the agreed intervals

What they say

“Thank You for the lovely plants on the second floor, they look great! Also many thanks for rushing it through, it really did make all the difference to our board meeting.”

"The Plants look lovely, thank you" Practice Plus Group

"Great service, thank you"  University of Bristol
"The overall effect is perfect, just what we were looking for"

Who we work with